Staff Dispatching

Worldwide Footwork

Our mission is to assist client by finding the talent, and to work closely with our candidates in advancing

their career goals.

Our strength

Insight by engroo's SE and experienced agents

・Skill check by our SE

・Communication skill check by experienced agents

Massive advertisement

・Use of one of the largest job information sites such as "Mynabi Tenshoku"and "Rikunabi Haken"

・We renew our job information everyday

Follow up care for coreators

・We care for creators with having lunch together once a month

No commission for clients having staff as regular employee after 3 month "Haken"

・To avoid both mis-match

・To boost employment rate of job seekers

※We do not do "Shokai-Keiyaku" to prevent resignation due to mis-match of both staff and companies.

Occupational Category

Specialized in Creative job

・WEB /Mobile/Applcation/Systems


・Broad casting

・Consumer・Social・Arcade Games


Type of employment

Staff Dispatch

・As our contracted employees, work at the client during contracted period

(Social insurance, unemployment insurance apply by condition)

Shokai Yotei Dispatch

・After max 6 months of dispatch, both staff and companies determine to employ as regular employee. No commission after 3 month of contract